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Main Tapemain tape

Graphics should only come off one way: Brilliant.

There’s really no middle ground in the arena of transfer tape. 

No gray area.
No scale of 1-10.

Graphics have to be transferred, positioned and protected 100% seamlessly. Every time. That demands the kind of paper transfer tape and clear transfer film that has to be the best in the world.

Good thing that’s exactly what we’ve produced at Main Tape.

For vinyl decals. Fleet graphics. Flat cut out vinyl letters. Emblems. Digital printing.

No matter what, the end result of a design transfer is going to be there for all to witness. Make sure it’s the version that ends with you having a smile on your face.

Main Tape’s line of transfer tapes include:

Main Tape PerfecTear Transfer Tape

PerfecTear™ Transfer Tape

PerfectTear features include easy unwind, trouble-free transfer, no adhesive legging or residue. It’s the application tape you can trust to take the aggravation and mess out of sign making.

Main Tape PerfecTear Plus Transfer Tape

PerfecTear™ Plus Transfer Tape

PerfecTear Plus application tapes maintain all of the great features and benefits of our PerfecTear line. Additionally, “Plus” means that this tape will adhere to the exposed liner while keeping the liner and vinyl flat for extended periods of time.

Main Tape PreView Plus Clear Transfer Tape

PreView™ Plus Transfer Tape

Take the complexity out of your complex design transfers with PreView Plus application film. This tape is clear for easy placement of layered or multi-colored graphics. A good example is when a shadow or three dimensional look is needed. 



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